RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen | RWE in the UK
RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen | RWE in the UK

RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen

RWE is progressing proposals to develop a green hydrogen production facility on RWE’s land adjacent to the existing Pembroke Power Station and has launched a statutory pre-application consultation to inform stakeholders and the community. RWE values the input of the local community and feedback will be used to help shape the plans.

RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen will facilitate the generation of green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is produced from water, using energy obtained from renewable sources. The hydrogen can then be used to decarbonise local industrial activities in South Wales, by displacing their current fossil fuel usage.

Our Proposals

RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen would be located on RWE’s site to the west of Pembroke Power Station and would benefit from being well-screened from local communities, while being accessed via the current power station access road. As part of the planning application, RWE has undertaken a wide range of assessments to understand if there are any potential impacts of the development on the environment and local community.

Our proposals would comprise a 100-110MWe electrolysis plant, as well as associated infrastructure and a 1.5km pipeline to connect to nearby industry. Once operational, the site will be capable of producing 2 metric tonnes of hydrogen every hour.

Use of this hydrogen, in local industry is expected to directly result in the reduction of approximately 93,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. This CO2 saving is the equivalent of removing 18,600 cars from the road each year.

To learn more, please view the draft planning documents online in the Documents Library.

To have your say on the proposals, complete the online feedback form or contact the project team via the details provided in the ‘Have your say’ section below.

Statutory pre-application consultation

As part of the statutory consultation process, RWE Generation will commence the 28-day pre-application consultation period on Monday 22 April 2024, with feedback accepted until 11:59pm on Monday 20 May 2024.

You can view the draft planning documents online in the Documents Library.

Physical copies of the pre-application consultation documents can also be viewed in person at Pembroke Library & Tourist Centre and Pembroke Dock Library throughout the pre-application consultation period.

After reviewing the proposals, please make sure to have your say by completing the online feedback form or by contacting the project team via the details provided in the ‘Have your say’ section below.

Following the pre-application consultation period, RWE is seeking to submit its planning application to Pembrokeshire County Council in Spring 2024.

Decarbonising industry in South Wales

While the national energy industry has been making progress towards decarbonisation, many industrial processes cannot be electrified, and are still reliant on fossil fuels. To support the decarbonisation of industry, the UK Government has set a target to deliver 6GW of green hydrogen production capacity by 2030 as hydrogen can be used to decarbonise local industry by replacing their fossil fuel usage.

South Wales has been identified by the Government as suitable for low-carbon hydrogen generation and RWE, as part of the South Wales Industrial Cluster, will work collaboratively with partners to drive decarbonisation across the region’s industrial processes. RWE is a partner in The Milford Haven Waterway Energy Cluster, a SWIC Clean Growth Hub, – which aims to deliver 20% of the UK Government’s low carbon hydrogen production target by 2030 and at least 10% of the Celtic Sea floating offshore wind target by 2030. Haven Waterway is a critical energy asset primed to provide the foundation of UK energy independence.

RWE’s vision for the Celtic Sea

By generating hydrogen at Pembroke, alongside infrastructure across Milford Haven Waterway (MUST), RWE can help to provide a clean energy alternative to industry in South Wales.

Our vision for Pembroke Net Zero Centre

RWE’s vision for Pembroke Net Zero Centre has a critical role to play in Wales and the UK’s pathway to Net Zero. By decarbonising its current operations at Pembroke Power Station, while investing in new innovative technologies at the site, RWE can establish Pembroke at the forefront of South Wales’ low carbon future.

Our proposals for RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen form part of this ambition, contributing to our vision for Pembroke Net Zero Centre - a hub of low-carbon innovation and clean energy generation that will help to decarbonise nationally important industry and the energy sector in Wales and the UK as a whole for generations to come.

Pembroke Net Zero Centre logo | RWE

RWE’s ambitions for Pembroke Net Zero Centre will build on Milford Haven’s historic energy heritage, safeguarding existing local jobs, while delivering a significant local economic investment and creating new jobs throughout construction and operation.

Have your say!

RWE values the input of the local community and will ensure that local perspectives are considered as the design evolves.

To provide feedback on plans for RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen, complete the online feedback form.

Local people also have the opportunity to schedule a face-to-face or virtual meeting with the project team to discuss the plans. To schedule a private meeting at:

  • South Pembrokeshire Golf Club on 1 May between 3pm and 7pm or;
  • Bridge Innovation Centre on 2 May between 9am and 12:30pm.

Please contact us via email or telephone.

If you would like to speak with a member of the RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen project team, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to provide information, answer any questions and to take your feedback.

Pembroke Green Hydrogen

Project team

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