Onshore wind at RWE

Two decades of pioneering UK onshore wind energy

Onshore wind at RWE

Two decades of pioneering UK onshore wind energy

Onshore wind at RWE

Two decades of pioneering UK onshore wind energy

Onshore wind at RWE

Two decades of pioneering UK onshore wind energy

RWE's experience in onshore wind

RWE has pioneered UK onshore wind energy in the UK for more than two decades, building and operating some of the UK’s earliest projects. With partners, RWE continues to grow its onshore portfolio in the UK.

The company is looking to scale-up from its current portfolio of 33 operational wind farms with a total installed capacity of 803MW (RWE’s pro rata share 738MW) exploring a significant potential onshore development pipeline of 22 projects which, when fully developed and constructed represent a combined total installed capacity of 1,700MW across Scotland and Wales. 

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Our UK onshore portfolio

Earlier in 2022, RWE opened it largest onshore wind farm to date – the 96MW Clocaenog Wind Farm, in North Wales and has begun construction of its’ latest onshore wind farm, the 16 turbine Enoch Hill project, in Scotland.

Onshore wind is quick to build and easily scalable compared to other energy production technologies.

With planned growth on greenfield sites in Scotland and Wales, RWE has welcomed the inclusion of onshore wind in future annual Contracts for Difference (CfD) auction rounds, as well as Government commitment to support work to improve grid connections; as well as plans to look at repowering.

RWE onshore assets in the UK

Supply Chain benefits with onshore wind

Supply Chain benefits with onshore wind | RWE in the UK
Supply Chain benefits with onshore wind | RWE in the UK

There are additional long standing community and societal benefits that have been provided as a result of RWE’s green developments which also include a significant boost to local and regional supply chains as well as supporting the development of high skilled, well-paid jobs.

Regional commitment of RWE in the UK

Supporting Local Communities

In 2021, onshore wind farms operated by RWE contributed over £2.9 million to local community funds, including over 350 different grants, and helped secure an additional £22 million in matching funding. Our community funds are really flexible and designed to support what is most important to communities, with funding decisions made by panels of local people.

The wide and diverse range of projects funded through our wind farms make a real difference to communities, and include conservation projects, upgrading community facilities such as playgrounds, air source heat pumps and solar panels for community buildings, salaries for staff working with community groups, education and training grants for local people and development grants for small local businesses.

Working with the next generation

RWE has embarked on skills and education initiatives with primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities around the UK. These range from development of curriculum materials and delivery of masterclasses, to teacher training, student internships and careers programmes. Through its projects, the company has engaged with thousands of young people, encouraging STEM learning and raising awareness of the sector.

Since 2012, more than 40 wind turbine technicians have been trained, or are in training, through the RWE apprenticeship scheme. Our current and future wind turbine technicians will play a valuable role in this growing sector.

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