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RWE careers after the armed forces

RWE recognises the journey from military to civilian life is unique, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

We hugely value the unique skills and disciplines that individuals from the armed forces bring to our business. It reflects a deeper commitment at RWE to the values of leadership, community service, and continuous learning. 

By empowering our people with a military background, with the resources and flexibility they need, we help cultivate an environment where both professional aspirations and volunteer passions can thrive side by side.

This is just one of the many ways RWE builds a supportive, engaging, and inclusive community, recognising the extraordinary contributions of our employees both in and out of the workplace.

RWE careers and the armed forces
RWE careers and the armed forces
RWE careers and the armed forces

Journey from military to civilian life

Recognising that the journey from military to civilian life is quite unique, we asked Marcus Peters, Global Head of Offshore HSE at RWE, to share his experience of transitioning from a military to a civilian life.

In this video Marcus discusses what drew him to a career within the renewables sector;  which military skills and experiences are shaping his success; and finally, he offers some practical steps and mindset shifts for a smooth move into civilian roles.

RWE recruitment activities

In 2020, RWE was honoured with the Armed Forces Covenant Employers Recognition Silver Award, underscoring our commitment to recruiting those with a military background. Now, we're going for Gold, continuing our mission to welcome and retain talented veterans and reservists, and their families into our growing renewables sector.

Career Transition Partnership (CTP)
Career Transition Partnership (CTP)

Partnering with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), RWE actively seeks to employ service leavers, participating at career fairs and featuring all suitable roles on the CTP website.

Staged entry and support
Staged entry and support

We ensure a seamless integration for new colleagues by keeping in touch, and with regular one-on-one sessions.

We value your unique and transferable skills

RWE is committed to providing veterans with more than just a job, offering a career and community that values and nurtures their skills and experiences.

We appreciate the distinct advantages the military mindset offers. This is visible throughout the business, with armed forces personnel employed in a diverse range of roles and levels of seniority.

We actively seek out and celebrate these skills, seeing them as essential to our success:

  • Leadership – Guiding and inspiring a team towards achieving common goals, making decisions and setting direction

  • Solution oriented – Focused on finding effective solutions to challenges, prioritising problem-solving and results

  • Adaptable – Ability to adjust to new conditions, be flexible, and manage change efficiently

  • Technology skills – Proficiency in using, understanding, and managing technology and digitial tools

  • Self-sufficient – The capability to rely on one's own abilities and resources to achieve goals independently

  • Effective communicator – The ability to share information, verbally and non-verbally, clearly and effectively

  • Technical skills – Specific knowledge and experience required to perform tasks

  • Determination – The drive and persistence to pursue goals despite challenges or obstacles

  • Integrity – Adhering to strong moral and ethical principles, ensuring honesty and fairness in all actions

  • Pushing boundaries – The ability to innovate and go beyond conventional limits or expectations in pursuit of excellence

  • Problem solving – Identifying issues and finding creative and effective ways to overcome them

RWE’s support for Reservists

Understanding the unique challenges faced by reservists, RWE has developed a comprehensive support package to ensure they can fulfil both their civilian and military roles with confidence. 

The dual commitments of our reservist team members means they might need to attend additional skills training or need to take extended leave from work if called into active service.

The value reservists add to our team and the company is immense.

To help them succeed, in both careers, we’ve developed a robust Reserve Forces Policy.

  • An extra two weeks of paid leave for Reservist employees.

  • Comprehensive support during mobilisation and demobilisation phases.

  • Collaborative projects with Reserve units.

  • Regular informational meetings and roadshows promoting Reserve service.

  • Established an Armed Forces Network for Reservists, Veterans and spouses/partners fostering community and support.

RWE’s support for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

Recognising the vital role that Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) play in nurturing the next generation of leaders, RWE is committed to supporting our employees who dedicate their time to these programs. We aim to ensure that these volunteers can continue their invaluable work without having to compromise their professional growth or personal well-being.

RWE champions its CFAVs by offering additional paid leave for CFAV duties and financial support for training and equipment. In appreciation of their service we are committed to ensuring their personal development and a flexible working environment. We are very proud to have supported a Mechanical Engineer, with 30 years as an RAF Volunteer Reserves (training), achieve a significant promotion as a squadron commander for cadet forces in Corsham and Chippenham.

RWE’s support for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers
RWE’s support for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers
RWE’s support for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

How RWE supports ex-armed forces personnel and their families

At RWE, our commitment to supporting those who have served goes beyond just offering a job. We believe in creating a supportive ecosystem that not only values the unique skills and experiences of veterans but also addresses the wellbeing and career development of their families.

Understanding the challenges that come with transitioning from military to civilian life, we've put in place a comprehensive support system designed to ease this change. From extensive mental health services to fostering a community where families and spouses can thrive, our approach is holistic and tailored to the needs of those who've given so much. Here's how we're making a difference:

  • We provide extensive mental health support for employees through our Healthcare provider.

  • We have an extensive workforce of ex-military, including veterans, whose skill-sets and expertise we highly prize.

  • We have a small and informal internal network of military spouses who are encouraged and supported to work with each other, sharing job opportunities that enable spouses to move around the country as and when needed.

  • We work directly with our spouses to understand and apply flexible working hours to achieve a positive balance between work and family life. We ensure there is full training and support for their transition.

  • We encourage and assist our team members in supporting fellow ex-forces personnel by encouraging and facilitating their participation at armed forces events and exhibitions.

Armed Forces Covenant

RWE's allegiance to the Armed Forces Covenant reinforces our pledge to fairness and respect for those who serve and their families. As a Silver Award holder, our actions reflect this commitment through supportive recruitment practices, employment of armed forces community members, and proactive policies ensuring their fair treatment.

At RWE, we don't just offer jobs; we build careers and communities where veterans and their families feel valued, supported, and part of something bigger.

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Success story

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As part of National Apprenticeship Week, we spoke with Stewart Harris who this month completed the first year of his three-year apprenticeship here at RWE.

Following a distinguished career in the Army, Stewart is now an HSE Development and Construction Apprentice. Here, he shares his insight into his new Monday to Friday and offers advice for those looking to break into the renewables industry.

Read more

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Jamie Lindsay

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