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RWE and hydrogen activities in the UK

RWE are looking to build, own and operate green hydrogen production facilities for the supply of hydrogen to UK industrial customers and is currently in discussion with refineries, steel works, ports, chemical and transport companies regarding possible new production facilities located close to their sites.

In addition, RWE is in discussions with all of the UK’s gas distribution companies plus National Grid on the gas transmission network to align our future hydrogen production plants with their future hydrogen networks.

RWE's Hydrogen experience

Hydrogen is seen as playing a key role in the decarbonisation of energy-intensive sectors. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions in industrial processes, hydrogen could be used as a sustainable fuel in the transport sector and as a sustainable combustible product for heat supply.

RWE can play a role across all areas of the hydrogen value chain and is targeting 2 GW of green electrolysers by 2030, with over 30 projects under development. 

RWE’s operations range from electricity generation from renewables to hydrogen production and storage, through to distribution to industrial customers.

RWE's Hydrogen experience

RWE has constructed a pilot plant in Lingen. The plant produced its first hydrogen late 2023.  Since then, a piston compressor has been put next to the 250-kW electrolyser.  This allows hydrogen to be compressed to the 58-bar of pressure required for pipeline transport. The first tests on the TransHyDE test pipeline will start in 2024. For more information about our international hydrogen ambition see here.

UK hydrogen projects


RWE is a member of Hydrogen UK (HUK), the UK’s leading trade association supporting all organisations that are operating across this sector to scale up hydrogen solutions. Born from the Hydrogen Taskforce, HUK’s mission is to ensure that Government and industry work together to deliver a hydrogen economy and achieve net zero. RWE are part of the trade body who represent a number of businesses with a wide range of hydrogen expertise. In addition, RWE’s Chief Operating Officer responsible for hydrogen, Dr Sopna Sury, sits on the UK’s Hydrogen Delivery Council.

South Wales Industrial Cluster

RWE is participating in the South Wales Industrial Cluster via our Pembroke Power Station. Located on the Milford Haven Waterway, the station is close to existing major energy infrastructure, including a deep water port with liquified natural gas import terminals and the high pressure gas transmission network. Future growth from offshore wind, off the Pembrokeshire coast, is also likely.

These factors, plus proximity to major steel, chemical, oil and cement industries means that Milford Haven is suitable as a centre for future hydrogen production. Amongst other things, the Cluster will investigate the extent to which hydrogen can be produced and used in South Wales, and what infrastructure would be required for this.

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The Solent Cluster

RWE is part of The Solent Cluster looking at options to support the decarbonisation of the region.

Government support for low carbon technology

Hydrogen production facilities will require investment for construction and operation and to bridge the funding gap between this and existing use of natural gas.

As part of its Energy Security Strategy launched in April 2022, the UK government set out its 10-point plan on how it will support the development of our domestic hydrogen sector. The strategy included launching Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, which is worth £240 million. Up to £100 million of the fund will support for the first electrolytic projects and the development of a carbon capture-enabled hydrogen business model.

We will apply for financial support from the UK Government’s Net Zero Hydrogen Fund to help with the costs of developing and implementing our green hydrogen projects.

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Our hydrogen activities

South Wales Industrial Cluster

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RWE is proactively developing a hydrogen economy in several countries

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