Fund list | RWE's activities in communities all over the UK
Fund list | RWE's activities in communities all over the UK

Our activities in communities all over the UK

Fund list

The renewable energy projects which we own, operate and are partners in have been supporting the long-term development of their neighbouring areas through community funds for over 20 years.

Our community benefit packages are set up to meet the needs of their local area and often take the form of an annual fund which is available each year of the operational lifetime of a project.

We aim to put the decision making in the hands of local representatives who know their community best.

Why is community benefit funding different?

  • It is tailored to your community:

    every community is different so we take a bespoke approach to setting up funds

  • It can be long term:

    often up to 25 years allowing communities to plan for the future

  • It comes from the private sector:

    so can be used to secure even more match funding

  • It is simple:

    making it easy to access, with less bureaucracy than many funding options

  • It is flexible funding, at source – in terms of:

    – Who it can support;
    – What it can fund;
    – Ways it can be delivered.

  • It can be tailor made:

    bespoke structures and criteria can be developed for each community

  • It can put communities at the heart of decision making:

    giving local people more control over their communities’ future.

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