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In the UK RWE operates a 55MW biomass combined heat and power district heating plant at Markinch, Fife. Our renewable biomass plant at Markinch provides heat to the Glenrothes Energy Network, a renewable district heating network which officially opened in April 2019.

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00 MW

biomass plant at Markinch

February 00

start of power generation

approx 00 tons per year

reduction in CO₂ emissions

Clean energy from scrap wood

Biomass can come in 3 forms – solid, liquid and gas – to generate electricitry and heat for the production of biofuls. Wood hereby is the most important renewable domestic energy source. When it is used as an energy, only as much CO2 is produced as the plants have captured during their growth. We at RWE make use of these advantages. Our biomass power plants generate electricity from residual wood. Wood from a forest or old wood, such as old furniture, is suitable for this purpose.

Other biomass provided by agriculture and forestry is also used for biomass production. These include, for example, residues and waste of biogenic origin, such as organic waste, liquid manure and grain straw.

Wooden pellets | RWE in the UK
At Markinch biomass power plant, approximately 90% is recovered wood waste and the remainder is virgin wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

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