King’s Lynn power plant
King’s Lynn power plant

Power plant

King’s Lynn

Facts and figures

Power plant location

Norfolk, England

Power plant type

Combined Cycle Gas and steam Turbine plant

Total electrical output (net)

382 MW


Fuel natural gas

Number of turbines

1 gas turbine
1 steam generator


King’s Lynn is a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant  with a capacity of 382MW. It can meet the needs of 400,000 households. The highly flexible plant has an efficiency of 57 percent.
The plant is near to Norfolk. It was  Commissioned in 1997 and then mothballed in 2012 when plant was not economic to run. In 2017 the plant was refurbished, work included a new gas turbine and finished in 2019.

In December 2019 RWE purchased the plant from Centrica. The plant joins the UK gas portfolio which is the largest and most efficient fleet in the UK.

The transaction completed 12 February 2020.

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