Onshore wind farm


Facts and figures

Wind farm location 2.5 km north-east of Rosehall, Sutherland, Scotland
Commissioned in 2013
Electrical output (gross) 24.7 MW
Number of units 19 turbines
Turbine height up to 59 metres to hub, 90 metres to blade tip

With a long history in this sector, Great Britain is regarded as one of the world's leading nations in the expansion of wind power plants at sea and on land. Hardly any other country has such a broad portfolio of large, medium and small wind farms as the United Kingdom. After a three-year planning process, the Rosehall Onshore wind farm received planning approval for the construction of the new wind farm in Rosehall from the Highland Council in October 2007. Construction was completed in January 2013.

After a site search throughout the Highlands area, Rosehall was found to be a great location. Shortly thereafter, all the necessary environmental studies were carried out to ensure that there was no major impact on the local population or wildlife. The South and East Sutherland Local Plan supports wind energy in suitable locations where negative impacts are minimised.

In 2015, Rosehall generated enough electricity to supply the equivalent of around 15,000 households.*


*Based on an average annual domestic household consumption of 4,115 kWh (Source: Renewable UK).

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