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Shining a Light on Success: RWE's ‘Future Bright’ Campaign Illuminates Community Empowerment

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  • The 'Future Bright'  campaign seeks to recognise excellence in delivering community benefit projects
  • For over 20 years RWE renewable energy projects have invested over £38 million into community funding
  • Funds are managed by local organisations, ensuring decisions are made by panels who understand their communities best

Swindon, 12 March 2024

RWE, the UK’s largest power producer and a leader in renewable energy generation, is proud to showcase its Future Bright campaign, where renewable energy projects support local community development through their community benefit funds. With a commitment to empowering the communities neighbouring its renewable energy projects, RWE aims to highlight the positive impact of its investments and inspire other communities to harness the potential of project funding.

The Future Bright programme, shines a spotlight on the hard work of RWEs community partners to illustrate the transformative impact of community benefit funds.

Katy Woodington, RWE Community Investment Manager: "At RWE, we believe in the power of renewable energy not just to generate electricity but to empower communities and drive positive change. The Future Bright campaign embodies our dedication to supporting local initiatives that make a meaningful difference in people's lives."

As part of the Future Bright initiative, RWE introduces the 'Future Bright' recognition award, recognising best practice in delivering community projects. This prestigious award will be bestowed upon outstanding projects across the UK, showcasing innovation and excellence in community development.

RWE supported funds have been helping communities for over 20 years and have invested over £38 million, with a projected total investment of over £100 million over their operational lifetime. These community benefit funds, established alongside RWE's onshore and offshore wind farms, are a testament to RWE's ongoing commitment to enriching communities and supporting essential services.

"We are thrilled to partner with RWE and witness the incredible impact of their community benefit funds," said Elgan Owen, Chief Officer, Community & Voluntary Support Conwy (administrators of a number of community funds). "These funds have played a vital role in enhancing our local facilities, fostering community engagement, and promoting sustainability initiatives. The Future Bright campaign will undoubtedly inspire other communities to explore similar opportunities for growth and development."

Community Benefit funds provided by RWE are managed directly by local independent organisations, ensuring that funding decisions are made by panels of local representatives who understand their communities best. The funding processes are designed to be flexible and easily accessible, allowing communities to drive their own development initiatives.

Innovative projects funded by RWE's community funds encompass a wide range of initiatives, from energy-efficient community facilities to activities that bring communities together. These projects have had a lasting impact on improving health, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability, contributing to a brighter future for all.

To learn more about RWE's community fund programmes and the impactful projects supported by Future Bright, visit here.


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