Thursday 04 April 2023

RWE’s Director of Offshore Development for UK and Ireland responds to the UK Offshore Wind Champion’s independent report

RWE Image

Danielle Lane, RWE's Director of Development for UK and Ireland, has responded to the offshore wind champion’s independent report.

The former co-of chair of OWIC from November 2021 to April 2023, Danielle said: “The blueprint Tim Pick has laid out sets a clear direction of travel for Government, bringing some much-needed clarity for industry and recognising the key role offshore wind will play in future-proofing the UK’s energy security.

We are pleased that action is being taken in some crucial areas such as reform of the National Policy Statements to support planning, but the pace of delivery remains critical. Further delays on already well-publicised issues such as grid connections could hold back the investment needed for the UK to meet its 50GW offshore wind target - undermining the Government’s energy security and power decarbonisation ambitions. This report reaffirms the concerns that have been raised consistently by RWE and other generators, that if we don’t act on these issues now the UK will miss this opportunity.

We particularly welcome the report’s focus on the urgency of grid upgrades and the need for a clearer focus on supply chain sustainability, as well as the call for Ofgem’s mandate to be updated to give proper weight to the legally binding ‘Net Zero by 2050’ target.

As the largest power generator in the country, RWE aims to invest up to £15bn in new clean energy projects and infrastructure investment in the UK by 2030 – a large proportion of which will be in offshore wind. However, a clear, well-defined and long-term regulatory framework is essential to making this a reality. We remain committed to being a key partner in helping deliver the UK’s ambitious offshore wind and net zero targets, and would urge the Government to act on these recommendations as quickly as possible to create the investment environment required to unlock green growth at scale - creating green jobs for thousands up and down the country and enhancing the UK’s energy independence.”