RWE in Wales
RWE in Wales

RWE in Wales

RWE has a long history in Wales

RWE is the largest power producer in Wales, and the country’s number one renewable energy generator. We are currently involved in over 3 GW of energy in Wales across 12 sites, of which around 1 GW is renewable. Our existing renewable energy portfolio already generates one third of Wales’ renewable energy production – enough to power 550,000 homes. We directly employ around 300 people in Wales in dedicated offices in Baglan, Dolgarrog, and the Port of Mostyn, as well as onsite at our power stations. 

Over the last decade, RWE and partners have invested over £3 billion to deliver projects in Wales. Our major investments include 2.2 GW Pembroke Power Station, and the £2bn Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm. During construction the Gwynt y Môr site produced 700 jobs, with a further 100 highly skilled jobs created longer-term. A further £250 million was invested building onshore wind projects at Brechfa Forest West, Clocaenog Forest and Mynydd y Gwair. 

RWE operates six hydro power stations in North Wales from the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) hub at Dolgarrog, providing 45 MW of power and with a total energy storage capacity of 4,800 MWh. 

RWE’s state of the art O&M hub is located in the Port of Mostyn where a team of more than 100  operate Wales’ fleet of offshore wind, including Gwynt y Môr (576 MW), Rhyl Flats (90 MW) and North Hoyle (60 MW).

Our last coal-fired power station in the UK, at Aberthaw in Wales, was closed in March 2020 after nearly 60 years of operation.

Our portfolio in Wales

Future investment in Wales - Awel y Môr

Awel y Môr (the Gwynt y Môr extension) is scheduled to be the single largest renewable energy investment in Wales over the next decade and will provide enough power for 600,000 additional homes. We are also developing a further pipeline of ~150MW of innovative onshore wind projects across Wales. With our strong investment pipeline we hope to maintain our position as one of the largest investors in Wales, directly employing and training a skilled workforce across a variety of technologies, as well as many more indirectly across their respective supply chains.

RWE in Pembroke and the Celtic Sea

The Pembroke Net Zero Centre (PNZC) is a decarbonisation hub, linking-up the innovative technologies needed for a low carbon future in South and West Wales. PNZC will co-ordinate the joining-up of RWE development activities in the Celtic Sea Region, as three distinct pillars: 1) Decarbonisation of Pembroke Power Station, including Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and initial Hydrogen feasibility studies; 2) Green Hydrogen production for the development of an initial 100-300MW electrolyser on the Pembroke site but also looking at GW-scale opportunities in the longer-term; and 3) Floating Offshore Wind development in the Celtic Sea.

For more information see PNZC website here and infographic here.

All locations and figures by RWE in Wales

All locations and figures by RWE in Wales

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RWE Community Funding in Wales

In the last decade wind farms operated by RWE have contributed over £10 million to neighbouring Welsh communities through their community funds. RWE’s contributions to communities continues to grow by approximately £2.45 million per year.  Over the next 10 years, RWE will make an additional total contribution to community funds of over £25 million, from projects already operating in Wales.

Investing in people

RWE’s UK wide turbine apprenticeship hub is based in North Wales and has so far trained up over 40 apprentices to support the future of the industry. We have partnered with Grŵp Llandrillo Menai to establish an award-winning turbine apprenticeship programme.

RWE is also proud to be the champion for a brand new supply chain cluster across the North Wales and North West of England region called The Offshore Energy Alliance which directly links to commitments made as part of The Offshore Wind Sector Deal. The cluster ‘flies the flag’ for local businesses raising awareness of upcoming opportunities in a range of low carbon energy sectors in a timely way, with the aim of increasing local participation and content.

More information

Download the RWE in Wales infographic here and the RWE in Wales brochure here.

Community funds

Community funds in Wales
Community funds in Wales

RWE invests over £2.4 million into Wales annually via Community Funding.

Funds in Wales

Biodiversity report

Biodiversity report | RWE in the UK
Biodiversity report | RWE in the UK

RWE’s activities in Wales and how we have contributed to maintaining and enhancing biodiversity.

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Pembroke Net Zero Centre - PNZC

RWE’s centre of decarbonisation activities in South Wales

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